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MARPs.Club is an organization whose mission is to bring collectibles and memorabilia to the 21st century. By providing an NFT based public central registry for items where the NFTs become the items' certificate of authenticity, we streamline a modern way of certification, validation, and provenance for tangible collectibles. Our Storage and Validation services allow for the commodity way of trading of registered items. The Social Signature feature opens a promising horizon for a modern makeup of memorabilia. Introducing the concept of MARP reduces centuries of delay for an item to become collectible to the action of minting of an NFT. And finally, putting all these together with our developing Trade Mediator Services will make MARPs Club the number one HubSpot for collectibles and memorabilia.


What is a MARP?

MARP stands for Mass Arts Representative Piece and consists of a physical artwork (e.g., a painting or sculpture) and an NFT Certificate of Authenticity (COA). The artwork is one of the many copies of a Mass Arts piece out there; whereas the NFT COA comprises a collection of pictures of the artwork that help us differentiate it from the other copies. A MARP is a particular copy that has been made non fungible and promoted to be the principal copy by being recorded into our unique items' public registry: MARP Prints NFT collection.

The real value of a MARP is neither the particular physical copy of the artwork selected nor the NFT, but the aggregated artistic perception of the concept represented in the artwork. "What thousands of people admire embraces an enormous commulative value"

Unique among the alike

A MARP is a unique representation of an artwork that many own and admire everyday everywhere. Its NFT COA consists of nine pictures meant to be used to differentiate the selected copy from the alike. In addition to be a COA, the NFT is a digital unique print that help us differentiate the particular art piece copy selected to be the MARP from the other copies out there. There will never be two MARPs of the same item.


Anyone can mint a MARP on our platform! Do not miss the oportunity to turn a painting, sculture, piece of jewelry, ornament, etc, that you possess into a MARP before someone else does. There is also a limited selection called "Diamond MARPs" whose MARPs are exclusively chosen by the members of the Club. The Club mints no more than 24 Diamond MARPs every year, whose artworks are kept "IN STORE" until claimed. Diamond MARP names start with an asterisk "*" and their NFTs have the property "Distinction" set to "Diamond Selection".


Once minted, the NFT COA can be traded on Opensea. Besides being the fingerprint of the MARP, the NFT represents the ownership of the MARP. MARPs with status "IN STORE" have their artwork stored by the Club and their NFTs may continue to be safely traded on Opensea until the artwork is claimed. When claimed, the MARP is paused for traiding, then delivery to or picked up by the the NFT owner; and its status changes to "IN STREET". MARPs with status "IN STREET" are also traded via the NFT, but the buyer must arrange the inspection/validation and pickup of the artwork with the seller BEFORE buying the NFT to prevent potential scams. In the near future, the club will allow MARP owners to send us their MARPs, through the "Stock your MARP" option, so that that the validation step can be leveraged to the club and the MARP gets the status "IN STORE".

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  • Club Contract (ERC20):

Club members can be divided into three roles: Stakeholder, Validator and Certifier. There is a maximum of two hundred Stakeholders, a maximum of ten Validators and only one Certifier. Validators, and the Certifier are internal club memberships responsible for the operations of the platform. Stakeholders, on the other hand, are public memberships that do not have any responsibilities with the operations of the platform. Stakeholder club memberships are represented by the MARPS.CLUB ERC20 token under contract: on the Ethereum network.

Stakeholders can propose artworks to be considered for MARP creation into the Diamond MARPs selection, which is a limited edition of MARPs exclusively minted by the club. They can also vote on proposals for the selection of the next Diamond MARP to be minted. Stakeholders will be compensated with 0.25%, per stake owned, of the ETHER transferred to the Club contract. They will also be compensated with 0.1%, per stake owned, of the payments made to the Club contract to create and process requests (e.g., Mint Requests).

The contract receives 100% minus Opensea's comission (and transaction fees) of the initial sale of Dimond MARP NFTs. It also receives 10% of any further resales of the NFTs. Other future initiatives might become sources of income for the Club, for which the 0.25% compensation of stakeholders will also apply.

Stakeholders whose proposals have been minted get the 3% of the initial sale (except comissions) of the proposed Diamond MARP and also become members of the pool of Legacy Stakeholder Proposers, among which 3% of the tranferred ETHER is proportionally divided, according to the number of stakes owned and the number of proposed MARPs minted.

For more information, please read the White Paper.

If you are interested in becoming a stakeholder, please provide your email below to get notified when stakes are made available to the public. There are only 200 stakes, and the club plans to release no more than 50 in the initial years of operation.